Moving Openfire to a new server

Hey everyone,

Is there a step-by-step on how to move an Openfire instance to a new server, while keeping the same user accounts? I’m using an external DB, and currently just running it on a Windows XP box, but would like to transition to Server 2003 without forcing everyone to create new accounts.

Is this possible?

Install Openfire on a new box with the same settings and point it to the same database. Unless you are going to move that external DB also. I understood that it is on a different box.

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I’d like to move everything - my goal is to remove any dependancy between Openfire and the Windows box.

So the database was also installed on that Windows XP box? Then i think you should find there the database files are stored, copy them, install the database on the Server 2003 box, overwrite db files with your copy, install Openfire and point it to the new database. I’m not sure how this will work, not a db guy.

yes that will work. if you just look through your database you should be able to see where a properties or contact list is. when you see it just copy and past it. then you should be good.

Export the user list using the export plugin, then just start from scratch on the new server and import the user list, making sure you set the ‘replace domain’ field to the new server name. That worked for me. You’ll lose your archive data if you had any stored, but if you can do without it thats the easiest option.