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Moving SparkWeb forward

I want to nominate myself to take over developent of SparkWeb. There is a lot to be done, but my initial objectives would be:

  • Make SparkWeb compatible with XIFF 3.0
  • Add all the changes from the Redfire SparkWeb client I have been working on

It would look something like this



That’d be great! Please let me know what access you need setup to get going.


I guess I would need access to the SparkWeb SVN and JIRA for now. Thanks

I’m happy to see someone take control as well.

Hi Dele,

I made you the project lead for sparkweb in Jira and we svn setup offline, have at it


There’s a new SparkWeb Bamboo build now too (it fails though). I’ll be happy to create others/more plans for Spark web, but at the very least I’d like to have this one continuous build running succesfully. As I’ve no experience with getting a Flex-based project up and running, I’d like you to help me out there Dele

My shoulders have just got heavier

I will have to educate myself about Bamboo first

that’s what you get for volunteering