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Moving things along... New servers and hosting... You help manage

Hey All-

I know things have been moving pretty slowly, and just when they started to pick up again, we were road blocked by not having a working build system. But, I have some good news!

Jive has just purchase two new beefy servers for the Ignite Realtime community. They are on order, hope to get them soon. Also, we are about to sign a contract with Contegix for hosting these servers.

This will get the systems back into a public network, which is critical, because… we are going to need a few community members to step up to help manage things. Contegix will handle lower level system admin tasks, including things like upgrading Jira and Fisheye, but community members will need to be involved for website updates, theme tweaks, managing SVN privileges, etc.

I’m sure everyone is thinking, “OK, but WHEN?”… The answer is as fast as possible, but I’m not sure what that means yet. We’ll receive the servers, test them, ship them to Contegix, Contegix should setup the base OSes and some of the software. Then we’ll migrate existing website, community, SVN, JIRA, Fisheye, Openfire, etc… At that point, we’ll probably start granting community access.

I’ve had a few people volunteer to help manage things in the past. If you want to help manage the systems, please let me know.

Oh, so it is not that soon, so i can be lazy longer Did i understand you right, that you already have some people who have already helped with managing (slushpuppie, Daryl?) and have experience with that. Then maybe it is better for them to continue this work, if they still wish. I can sure take some part also (not the SVN probably, as i dont know in details how it works).

May I say that I’d like to see an LDAP or SSO solution this time, maybe with Crowd? I’d like to have only one account (with different permissions) for Jive SBS, Openfire server, JIRA, Fisheye/Crucible and SVN.

Updated: Contact me if you need some help settings things up.

I’m willing to help if help is needed

Oh and by the way I’ve sent Henning Staib a invitation to this group, he wants to get a contributor and wrote a contribution guidline for code style and patch submission, so I supposed to him to publish the document here before its published for the whole community. He wrote that someone has to confirm his membership to this group. Can someone, maybe Benjamin help?

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks again and you can surely count me in for helping out. My best abilities are with Linux administration, but I would be happy to learn how to manage any of the software packages installed as well…


Hi Ben,

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Wonderful! I’ve been gone for the last week, but I just checked status again. We are waiting on some folks to finish reviewing the hosting SLA contract. Hoping that will wrap up soon.

Was just chatting with LG, but for the benefit of all…

My plan is to get things running as is, then turn over to you, the key community members, to manage as you see fit. LG suggested that adding Crowd/SSO/etc and making other upgrades would be easier to do as the new servers are being installed, instead of migrating the current setup, then upgrading.

I agree with him in principle, but I’m concerned about that plan as I don’t have extra time to manage any extra upgrades and configurations.

I could hand over some admin access before things are fully migrated, but personally, I want to know I’ve got things moved and working correctly before variables enter the mix. That way I can say “job done” and hand off to you all.


I did think of two solutions to get less user ids and passwords:


  • Jive SBS is kept as is with internal user management, so 99% of the users are not affected.
  • Jive writes an user-exporter which contains username,md5pass,… (eg. only active users within last 30 days to limit the number of users)
  • Open-LDAP is installed and all users are exported daily from SBS and imported into it.
  • JIRA, Apache/SVN, Fisheye, … are configured to use LDAP.
  • Most permissions are still handled in every application as they do not really support LDAP groups.
  • We use Crowd/phpldapadmin/… to create groups in LDAP and to manage basic permissions, maybe only for SVN.


  • We have a small application which allows to create LDAP users and manage the password. I expect that SBS can not write to LDAP, can it?
  • Jive SBS uses LDAP for authentication, and maybe also LDAP groups for basic permissions and other things.
  • Open-LDAP is installed.
  • JIRA, Apache/SVN, Fisheye, … are configured to use LDAP.
  • Most permissions are still handled in every application as they do not really support LDAP groups.
  • We use Crowd/phpldapadmin/… to create groups in LDAP and to manage basic permissions, maybe only for SVN

I did hope that Crowd can work also as an LDAP server, but it seems that one needs Penrose, yet another 3rd party product which looks very cool but I’d like to keep things simple.

Hi Ben,

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Hey All-

I’ve been super busy, so I haven’t made as much progress as I’d like, but here’s where we are.

  1. contract for hosting with Contegix has been signed and approved

  2. all servers and VM’s have OSes installed

  3. prepping network config to ship to Contegix

I had planned on doing some more setup here before shipping, but since I don’t have as much time as I’d hoped, I’m going to ship first. Then, hopefully I can start recruiting some help to migrate different pieces of the pie.

I don’t have the exact ship date, but it should be soon.

Hi Ben,

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Thanks Daryl.

Good news is servers are racked and sitting in their new home. Bad news is I’ve been indescribably busy the last two weeks… I’m going to give a few people access soon and start the ball rolling… but soon is sometime in the next couple weeks right now.

I’m getting slightly annoyed by all the little quirks in this version of SBS. Eventually, I’d love to see it updated to a more recent version. Is that going to be a simple update, or a monstrous migration?

Hi Daryl,

and one should also update the other applications like Jira and Fisheye. Hopefully CS-21337 is implemented or a Jiver can adjust this manually ( http://www.jivesoftware.com/jivespace/thread/75497 - Add `rel="nofollow"´ automatically to all external links).


Re: upgrades… I successfully upgraded to SBS 4.0 a while back. The problem is that web services changed a bit between 3.0 and 4.0, so if I upgrade the website will break. And I wasn’t able to get that working in the time I had to do the upgrade.

That said, I plan to do an upgrade with the server migration soon.

I’d hoped to work more on all this during my vacation… but instead I’ve been working on Jive stuff.

Hi Ben,

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Howdy all!

I’m happy to report that I have logged into the new “Community” hardware boxes and will be working with Benjamin to get things migrated! If you have an interest in helping admin any of the pieces of the igniterealtime puzzle, please step up now and let us know!

I know we don’t really have much in the way of a formal community leader at this time, so I’m calling “President”! Haha, seriously though, I’d be happy to be benevolent dictator until we can formalize something. If people have ideas, lets get rolling with them now. I don’t believe there are any major decisions to make, just coordinating with Jive and working to get other community folks bootstraped into the admin process. I’ll be working on that task unless there are objections.

We’re almost ready to take over the IgniteRealtime ship from Jive and move things along!


I don’t mind Daryl to be our El’ Presidento I would be glad to help as much as i can. Though i will be on vacation for a while, so maybe not available all the time in July.

Hah! Excellent! Like Wroot, I’m about (like, within two hours) to leave for a week of holiday. I’ll be happy to join in after that.