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MS Outlook crashing?

Anyone else having an issue with Spark crashing their MS Outlook? I had a user indicate that Outlook crashed on them yesterday after installing and running Spark for awhile. I had the same thing happen after installing Spark and running it on my PC today.

Obviously, the problem might not be Spark, but it is the only program that has been installed over the last few days and the only change made on either system.

Just seeing if anyone else is having this issue.

I have never had this happen to me or anyone else in our organization who uses Spark and Outlook.

Never happened here, we run outlook on xp.

Oops! wrong thread



Windows SP

MS Office

Office SP

Ok I have one Machine that is doing this and it’s my Boss. All other PC’s are fine. If outlook is open then spark is opened then outlook will crash. If spark is running and you try to open outlook it will fail to load.

This is happening on a Windows vista SP1

2g ram

Outlook 2007

Can anyone let me know if they have found a solution?