MS Outlook Plugin for IM


I wanted to know is it possible to integrated Spark with MS Outlook for sending or adding contacts directly from Outlook (Like Office Communicator – screenshot attached).

Also I want to know how I can add contact groups like … If there is a group named “XYZ” available in AD and there are 3 person added in that group, Rather adding all 3 separate I want to add only group “XYZ” and it should add all 3 person on my contact list.

Thanks in Advance


There is no plugin for the integration with Outlook.

You can’t add a group of contacts this way. You may check group sharing though, maybe it will work for you (Admin Console - Users/Groups, this should show your AD groups, if you have setup it properly, Press on a group and enable sharing, set a name and select which other groups may see it. This way you won’t have to add groups or separate contacts, they will appear automatically for selected users.