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MSN and Spark HELP!

Hello everyone, I really need help in here, I recently implemented Spark 2.5.8 and Openfire 3.6.4 on my company, and it works great, congrats to Ingnite for this amazng combination. But I have the request to give chances to add msn and yahoo contacts to Spark on clients, so I installed the IM Gateway plugin v1.2.4d. but the problem is that I have no idea about how to exactly add this contacts y have configured all very well on Openfire but i don´t know what to do in Spark, can somebody please help me I need step by step how to add msn and others contacts in Spark. Please help me , I have a deadline for the next week . Thank you in advance and sorry if this is not the right place but I´ve been reading a lot of data in here and helped me a lot.

Firstly, i suggest you to use Kraken instead of IM Gatewa, as Kraken is the newer version of this plugin (http://kraken.blathersource.org/)

You have to enable MSN gateway in administration console (check the checkbox near it) and also run a test if it’s able to connect to MSN servers. Then you just start Spark program and it should automatically discover enabled MSN gateway. You should see grayed MSN icon on the Spark toolbar. Then you should press this icon and Enter you msn account’s credentials (e.g. name@hotmail.com - password). Then you will be able to login to your MSN account.

Well first I like to thank you for the answer, but that’s what i’ve done and I have this message error:

You were disconnected from the MSN service.”

So I don’t know what am I doning wrong . And I read about Kraken but honestly I didnt understood how to add it to Openfire, maybe it’s because I am using the newer version??? (Openfire 3.6.4) thank you in advace, and all opinion will be appreciated.

Kraken is not yet available through the Openfire plugins system, so you have to add it manually. Just download kraken jar file. Dont forget to rename it, so it dont have upper case or spaces in the name (e.g. kraken.jar). Then uninstall IM Gateway and copy kraken.jar to your /openfire/plugins folder. It should install automatically.

It didnt work, but today I made a trace to view the route of the packets beacuse in this server i dont have any messages but no conection is stablished but the problem seems to be permitions on the firewall, so I will work on that aside this, thank you for answering

i dont know why but the kraken didnt do anything XD but I will keep trying, thank you.