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MSN - Authorization


In the MSN transport when an new contact add-me, the transport don´t request a authorization.

It´s possible to implement this feature?


PS: Sorry for the english, i speak portuguese.

Was this a person who was not in your contact list at all to begin with? Or were they already on your list and they added you? Also, had you ever added them/had them on your list in the past?


This problem occours with all the person not in my list… the authorization don´t arrive…

I use the openfire 3.2.3, IM gateway 1.0 and pandion.

Another problem is, in the list don´t show the name, show the email.

thanks for the answer

The name is supposed to be pulled when a name actually arrives at the MSN transport. I’‘m seeing names on my end so far. Some contacts only show email addresses and I’‘m not sure why that is except that I’‘m receiving packets from them that have literally no name in them. (possibly they didn’'t set one?) Either way, this -should- be working. Is it all contacts in your list or just newly added ones?

As for the authorization, this is actually, interestingly enough, related to a problem in the way I’'m handling the XMPP roster. GATE-201

About the contacts, all contacts show only the emails… like this gauchao%hotmail.com.

this occours after i upgraded the gateway.jar to 1.0

If you set their alias/nickname/whatever your client calls it to something other than the email address, does it stay put?

All its ok now… i have changed the percent hack to “false” and after to “true” again.