MSN ceases to work after awhile, like zombie

This is an old bug that has been happening to me when I started first to use IM gateway, like an year ago or something, also we discussed it here back then in some might-be-related -thread but no real solution ever occurred… Now I have totally new server and desktop, but problem stays on the latest Openfire (3.5.1) and IM gateway (1.2.3)…

Problem is that basically after an timeperioid like overnight MSN stops working. It looks as it’s connected, but basically it is like no data is moving in reality between MSN servers and IM gateway (tough I don’t know does data move, it just looks that way). If I try to talk to someone it doesn’t generate any errors etc, seemingly works, but again other end never sees anything I’ve said… User roster doesn’t change… In the morning when I go online from idle, MSN gateway stays away no matter what I do… So Basically whole MSN just stays like zombie.

All other gateways I use seems to work just fine, those are ICQ, AIM and Yahoo…

Your connection may be terminated by MSN due to inactivity. I leave mine connected for 9 hours at a pop without this issue surfacing.

Well, if the connection is terminated why doesn’t IM gateway disconnect too or do some keep-alive but goes “zombie” instead? Anyways, this is a bug then, am I correct?

I was absent an ~45 minutes, and MSN had already being “zombified”… So this is really na issue

I’ve never been able to reproduce it. I’ve never had MSN “go zombie” on me. No matter if I’m idle or not idle. Keepalives are sent. There’s really nothing I can do about it unless I can reproduce it or have any idea what would be going on. I mean for all I know at this point, it could be something weird about your environment, it could be something weird about the version of java you are using, it could be something weird being sent through MSN, … lots of stuff could be wrong. =/ I’ve got nothing. =)

Hmm how should we start troubleshooting this? I’m using Ubuntu 8.04 server, also same was on 7.04 and 7.10 standard earlier… Also jre is 6, but it was 5 in earlier server… also router shouldn’t block anything, it is more like doing NAT, not that much actually firewalling as of this time, definately no outgoing firewall as of this time…

Also as now I have had same results with 2 complete separate computers and many OS versions, tough Ubuntu’s allways it makes me think it isn’t my machines as enviroments…

Do you (jadestorm) want to have some access to my server? openfire access and/or ssh? just suggest if you are willing to try something

I’ve had this same problem sometimes.

I haven’t been able to reproduce it, though. And now it’s running ok.

When it happened, there was no traffic in port 1863, no matter what connected people did.

But i didn’t test if it was a network problem, or what happened exactly. Hope to able to get more information if it happens again.

I can reproduce this bug as well

I have created an IM bot for serveral networks and MSN one seems to be buggy and go “offline” after some time (probably 24 hours+) The other IM transports work well, i.e. it’s only the MSN bot that dies.

Another bug that I noticed is that MSN bot logs in and out every few hours (again, this only happens for the MSN bot), other bots that run on AIM, Yahoo work well.