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Msn contacts white list

Hello everyone, I have this big issue and I’ve been searching about how to make this but still have no idea. The thing is that I have finally working The Kraken Plugin, and everything is OK , but now I want to make something like a white list 'cuz I wanna give access but only to a few hotmail addresses and I don’t know how to make this possible , do you have any idea?? all comment will be appreciated thank you in adavance.

Hey I found the answer .

You can do it with the PAcket Filter Plugin, but when creating rules, remember that the JID (user ID) for external users (hotmail, gmail, etc) are not like the others. for example, if my JID is bolado@server and I want to drop the trafic from some address from hotmail, the JID for this user should be like “someuser\40hotmail.com@msn.server” and with this you can create rules the way you want it it was very easy