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MSN Display Name Problem


I’m now running the latest version of well, everything and i love the buddy icons but the problem is my display name shown to other users is just not right, i thought it’d show my username in the client but instead its using a random username it got from nowhere. Not even related to my name.

Any ideas?


That’s… very odd. I don’t set the display name. (not yet at least) What’s it being set to?

Well, it appears that it gets the first name of your personal name that you signed up with MSN to, for example; John Smith would then become John.

I hope it can be changed in the next release, thanks

Rather than open a new topic, i’m just wondering will there ever be MySpace IM support? a few of my users have requested it and well, i have a feeling they have an XMPP server but not on a standard port. Thanks.

Sorry for the double post

What would I change it to though? MSN itself is doing that, I’m not forcing anything of that nature. Do you have a suggestion on what to change it to? Officially I was thinking of eventually aiming to pull the user’s vcard and use nickname if it’s filled in, or firstname lastname. Any thoughts? What if they don’t have a vcard? (my thoughts on the latter are, forget it, let MSN do whatever MSN wants to do at that point)

MySpace IM… my typical policy is this. I’m always willing to look at a new protocol given:

  1. You can point me at a java API/framework/library for it that’s of a license I can use (GPL, Apache, etc etc…)

  2. The API isn’t an absolute pain to work with

  3. If it’s not a protocol that’s native language is english, I generally need to see a fair amount of interest and someone needs to help me get access to it (like with GaduGadu someone helped me register accounts and pointed me where to go to download the real client and such)

  4. The API needs to be java native! (read: cross platform capable, see: Skype and it’s weird API that requires the client to be installed)

Well, i would probably suggest using the nickname if it exists, if not use the actual account name (the jabber one), that way would probably suit most people,

Well, i spent a little time looking and all i could find really was this documentation on the protocol:


I know that probably won’t help much, but, thanks anyway.