MSN + File Transfer. Jabber

I explored the forum very carefully before posting this question. I have no success in making MSN File transfer work using the IMGateway Plugin (version 1.2.3). Documentations, people in this forum all say the same thing “It’s impossible! for now”. However, I’ve been using a jabber server offered by through iChat and i was able to transfer the file to any MSN contact (there’s file size limitation configured though). So how did they do it? did they use a different plug-in? different XMPP server?- check it out. I don’t use it anymore because the blurry display picture and server downtime which is kinda annoying.

Thx in advance

Most likely they use PyMSNt, another MSN transport implementation, which does support file transfer.

I’ve been jumping around the internet. Do you know how to configure PyMSN?