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MSN Gateway - how to connect?


I’ve setup the MSN gateway using the default settings in Kraken/OpenFire and managed to connect to the server.

I input my MSN account according to this guide:


which now shows a little green/blue icon next to my name!

However, when using an IM client to try to connect to it I only see the: MSN Transport - within the users/groups window.

So far I have been testing out these IM clients:

Pidgin (doesn’t connect to OpenFire at all using Fedora 16)




But none of them show my MSN contacts at all - so have I even connected the gateway properly?

Can anyone assist me?


I’m having exactly the same problem; none of the transports that I’ve added are pulling in contacts like the various guides I’ve followed suggest they should.

I tried registering via Kraken’s transport registration panel and via Psi, but while the transports show up on my roster and login without any obvious problems, nothing else happens.

All the guides I’ve followed for working with transports say that once a new transport is added the contacts should appear, but no matter how long I leave it nothing happens at all. Am I missing a step somewhere, or is this a bug with Kraken?

**EDIT: **Nevermind, the 1.1.3 beta (here) solves the problem and appears to work perfectly well.

FYI - http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/46536

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