MSN gateway isn't connecting

The MSN gateway stopped working for me. It seems like Microsoft changed something on their end, but I can’t find any sources to back that up.

I’ve tried and

I tried can’t even connect to MSN via Pidgeon IM. That bypasses Kraken, so it that reinforces my theory of Microsoft changing something.

I can telnet 1863 , so something is there.

Has anyone else seen this? Has anyone had issues with MSN on other messengers like trillian etc?

Test in Admin Console shows success and Spark at least logs in to MSN (i don’t have online contacts right now).

Same here. It says successful when I do a test on the MSN gateway.

I have a test server set up at home. The test server gave me the same results. It won’t even pull the roster in from MSN. I don’t know if MSN has turned this option off or if it’s temporarily down. Either way, it doesn’t work anymore. It has to be on Microsoft’s end.

I’m using Openfire 3.7.1 on windows server and using the “latest” version, or the last version in this case, of Kraken which is 1.1.3 beta3 and it is working fine on my server. I can communicate fine with people in MSN through Spark for example, even from Jappix (web based client).

Not really sure, but perhaps it’s not MSN related problem?

It pulls contacts for me, just checked.

Bom dia, eu sou do Brasil, estou com o mesmo problema

Tinha meus contatos do MSN funcionando perfeitamente, mas agora não entra mais

O Spark não carrega mais os contatos externos.

Gateways —> msn.esopenfirelinux

Conectar no endereço:

Conectar na porta: 1863

Teste com sucesso

Mas não funciona. Alguém conseguiu resolver o problema?

Kraken IM Gateway
http://esopenfire:9090/plugin-admin.jsp?plugin=kraken&showReadme=true&decorator= none http://esopenfire:9090/plugin-admin.jsp?plugin=kraken&showChangelog=true&decorat or=none

Provê conectividade a outras redes públicas de mensagem instântanea

Daniel Henninger

Propriedades do Servidor
Início de Atividade do Servidor:
1 hora, 9 minutos – started 09/11/2011 10:19:38
Openfire 3.7.0
Caminho do Openfire:
Nome do Servidor:

Versão e Fabricante da JVM:
1.6.0_15 Sun Microsystems Inc. – Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM
Servidor de Aplicação:
Host Name:
SO / Hardware:
Linux / amd64
Idioma / Fuso Horário:
pt_BR / Brasilia Time (-3 GMT)
Memória do Java

33,97 MB of 448,00 MB (7,6%) used

Hello, I’m from Brazil, I have the same problem

I had my contacts from MSN working perfectly, but now comes more

The Spark does not carry more external contacts.

Gateways —> msn.esopenfirelinux

Connect at:

Connect port: 1863

Test successfully

But does not work. Someone managed to solve the problem?