MSN Gateway not connecting

Hi all

MSN Gateway is not working this morning.

I have tested the gateway connection through the admin console and it succeeds (about a 5 second delay though).

This has been working for months now, and I am running the most current gateway plugin on 3.6.0a.

All other allowed gateways are working correctly (Yahoo, AIM and GTalk) through Spark.

When we try to login, the MSN icon just remains ‘greyed out’ in Spark and no error messages appear.

I have checked the debug log (see attached) and I just dont see any issues.

I also downloaded the latest MSN client and installed on the Openfire server and the MSN client connects fine, so I know there are no network/firewall issues.

I also disabled MSN, and re-enabled it but no joy.

Thanks for any input/next steps you can offer!
debug_1.log (1048676 Bytes)

Reboot fixed the issue…