MSN Gateway not working in Openfire 3.6.0a


The following is the environment config for my server:-

Java Version:
1.6.0_07 Sun Microsystems Inc. – Java HotSpot™ Client VM
Host Name:
OS / Hardware:
Windows Server 2008 / x86

and I am running IM Gateway version 1.2.4d

and my IM clients are PSI v0.12.

I managed to register my MSN via the MSN gateway in my PSI in Service Discovery window. After that, no more responses back to my PSI (meaning no contacts added and no error messages as well)

Please help.

Thank you

MSN Gateway does not work for me as well. I checked my server time and it is correct. Also, when I click the ‘test connection’ button nothing happens, no errors or success messages. Can anyone help?

Openfire 3.6.0a


IM Gateway 1.2.4d

Spark as the client

This is what I see in my debug log when I test the connection:

DWREngine._handleResponse(‘4167_1223380370627’, s0);
2008.10.07 07:52:02 var s0=null;
2008.10.07 07:52:02 Returning: id[4167_1223380370627] assign[s0] xhr[true]
2008.10.07 07:52:02 --Object created, not stored. Call params () id=4167_1223380370627. Using (XHR,POST)
2008.10.07 07:52:02 Exec[0]: ConnectionTester.pingSession()
2008.10.07 07:52:01 --Object created, not stored. Call params (, string:1863) id=8032_1223380369717. Using (XHR,POST)
2008.10.07 07:52:01 Exec[0]: ConnectionTester.testConnection()
2008.10.07 07:51:36 --Object created, not stored. Call params (, string:1863) id=5359_1223380344536. Using (XHR,POST)
2008.10.07 07:51:36 Exec[0]: ConnectionTester.testConnection()

NM, I figured it out. Our firewall was blocking MSN connections. Everything is working now.

If you are having problems connection to MSN, try a ‘telnet 1863’ from your server to make sure everything connects OK.