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MSN id had pending "add me" requests - why didn't gateway auto-approve them?

I have been getting error reports that my bot is not allowing new users. So I signed on manually to the bot’s MSN id and saw it had 21 pending buddy add requests.

Shouldn’t the im gateway have auto-approved these?

In theory the end user ought to be approving them. If I just auto-approved them then any old spammer or whatever could come through and add away and get full access to when you are logged in and such. You should be able to code your bot to handle XMPP approval requests though. If the approval requests aren’t making it through to your XMPP based bot, then that is definitely an issue. =)

sorry - I worded that all wrong.

yes, the subscribe requests are coming thru and I do have code to auto-authorize them and that code is working as far as I can see. i.e. it works for jabber, aim and yahoo.

let me get a completely new msn id and run it thru the process while I monitor the logs and see if something shows up.

ok, double-checked the code and added some extra logging so I know when someone from MSN tries to subscribe to the bot.

this is what happens:

  1. user subscribes to the bot’s msn address

  2. bot gets via gateway a subscribe presense

  3. bot immediately sends back it’s own subscribe presence to the other side

  4. user sees bot as offline until I manually sign on to MSN account and go thru the process to auth users

what am I doing wrong?

more data:

I dumped the roster within my jabber bot (written in python) so I could see what the server was saying the bot had and for the MSN contacts it was showing the status as “to” where the others were either “both” or “from”. So I figured I needed to do more than just auto-respond “subscribed” to their subcribe presence.

I modified the bot to send out a “subscribe” presence immediately after their “subscribe” and the server still shows the remote contact as “to” (but it shows the gateway jid’s as “both”)

I ran a command line MSN client that lets me print out the detailed roster and for the MSN id’s that are showing the bot as offline I see that the gateway is listed as “people you have but that don’t have you”

This is telling me that the gateway is not subscribing back to the MSN user.

Hrm, ignore my other thread post. Anyway, the “to” vs “both” means nothing in terms of the transports. Well, not in the way you are describing anyway. msn.yourserver.org is the conduit through which all presence changes occur. Direct-to-contacts presence notifications do not get through. (for the most part, there’s no reason to do this with the legacy contacts, they go entirely by a single setting, which is handled by msn.yourserver.org) I am setting to “to” because it cuts down on needless traffic to the gateway (by a very very large degree).

Lets see… MSN actually has a similar presence structure to XMPP in that there are “forward” and “reverse” lists that correspond to “to” and “from” in XMPP. However MSN also has block and allow lists. The person has to be authorized and placed on the “allow” list for the MSN contact to be able to see you online. This step is performed when you add the contact back but now that I think about it, I don’t believe that it’s done on a simple authorization. (in other words, you -have- to add them back for them to see you) Does this sound like it might be what you are running into?

That sounds exactly like what I’m running into. As a work-around I had to add some direct-to-MSN code to my bot and saw that if I handled it like I would Jabber I was able to reproduce the behaviour.

But if I set the them in my allow list then it was working ok - this make sense to you?

GATE-380 =) Thanks!