MSN no name contacts

Hello all.

I’‘m trying to figure out if this is a problem with the MSN transport on my server or if its a client problem. I’‘m trying to use Pandion and am able to configure the transport correctly. However, when I save the MSN username and password, it creates a separate catagory named “MSN contacts”. This is not really a problem, except that all the contacts are labeled “No Status Message”. If I mouse over each contact, it pops up with the correct contacts, etc…, but won’'t correctly display the names.

I’'ve tried doing the same thing in Psi and Spark and it seems to work. Anyone else have this problem or know of a fix?

There was a similar problem with PyMSNt one time… Pandion had a weird hack in place to “fix it”. It’‘s possible that I’‘m just running into the same issue. I would be interested in seeing what shows up in Psi’‘s xml console as you log in, if you wouldn’‘t mind capturing that and sending it my way. (I would recommend emailing it to me directly though so you don’‘t publically post other people’'s addresses and/or your password ;D … I would recommend removing your password from the output regardless)

I think Pandion look up the nickname in vcards. And vcards are currently not available.

PSI does the same, but if the vcard isn’'t available it uses the JID instead.

(in my observations)

Hrm, it if doesn’‘t get a vcard though, I would hope it wouldn’'t put “No status message”.

I believe this issue is related to the weird way in which MSN handles those “available messages” that AIM has.

In Pandion go to the Tools Menu, click on Transport.

In the Transports window you should see the MSN Transport.

In the bottom there is a checkbox that states “Allow MSN contacts to change their nickname”

Un-check that box and the contacts will show their actual MSN nickname. (you’'ll need to logoff and login again)

Jadestrom is right in the fact that Pandion uses some weird way of handling MSN contacts and it creates a problem with the nicknames.

I know this is an old one, but:

I posted some “bugs with Pandion” and workarounds. well one of them has a workaround. =)