MSN not logging on


I’‘ve been running beta 4 for a few days now and it seemed to work well till yesterday when I was signed off MSN. I tried logging in again on my client and it would not! I updated Wildfire to 3.1.1 (totally unrelated) and my client still wouldn’‘t connect to MSN. Finally I removed the MSN transport from my client and had to add it again. That worked for me and now I’'m connected but I got the following messages from the MSN transport:

Message 1:

Unknown message from MSN: unknown message: NOT 340

Message 2:

Unknown message from MSN: unknown message: To see your offline messages, get the latest version of Windows Live? Messenger.

Message 3:

Unknown message from MSN: unknown message: </T EXT>CHG 6 NLN 1342472236

The second message was self explanatory, but the other 2 are not. I thought I’'d forward these on.



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This may be fixed in SVN/pending beta 5! If you don’‘t mind building and trying SVN, give it a whirl. If not, we’'ll keep this as “pending” until beta 5 comes out. =) (ie, if you see it still after beta 5, please let me know)

I’'ll probably wait till beta 5 is released.

Everything seemed to be working well there when I received the following message from the MSN transport:

Unknown message from MSN: unknown message: NOT 475

I’‘m showing up on my friend’‘s MSN buddy list as signed on but he’‘s not been able to message me. And I can see him on my PSI list but when I send him a message he doesn’'t get it. When my friend tries to message me he gets the following in his MSN Messenger:

The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:


I’'m not sure if that helps.