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MSN Nudges and Winks

Spark is not telling you who is sending a nudge or a wink to you. I only get a popup that notifies that i got one, but not telling from who. BTW, maybe msn nudge could act as a buzz in Spark? I think this is the same thing.

GATE-371 and GATE-372 =)

GATE-371 is maybe not exactly what i ment. Say i have two msn contact online. And even open chat with one of them. And then i get a popup (in Spark of course) saying , dont remember exactly, “You ve got a nudge.”. That’s it, no other information or message in chat window. So i have to guess who has send it to me.

That option doesn’t mean that I’ll explicitly only put MSN did this. It’ll depend on the situation. In your case, yes, the actual screen name of the person would indeed be included. =) It’ll be a case-by-case basis.

Great. Just dont forget to put a line in chat window, so i wount miss it if i wount see a popup