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MSN presence: some do - some don't

We are having a strange issue with MSN presence.

I have two different MSN user IDs that are acting differently. For simplicity, I’ll call them foo@bar.com and foo@bar.cc

Both accounts send and receive prescence when using MSN Messenger.

We’ve configured a Jabber server running OPENFIRE 3.4.3 and the IM Gateway plugin 1.2.2

Using SPARK version 2.5.8 as a client and logging in as a local jabber user:

If I register foo@bar.cc with MSN transport it sends and receives presence as expected.

However, from the same jabber local user account, if I register foo@bar.com with MSN transport it appears

that it does not ever send presence and it is flakey about reciving presence updates from buddies.

foo@bar.com (the broken one) is associated with a microsoft passport.

Since one MSN userid works and one does not, I’d expect this to be a problem associated

with the MSN account and not the OPENFIRE server config.

I’ve logged into both MSN user accounts using MSN messenger and set them both for

“receive contact updates”, multiple times without success.

I am not able to find any other account setting that looks applicable.

Has anyone encountered and resolved this type of issue?