MSN re-login and transport restart problem

First of all, thank you for great work for IM gateway.

I have about 10 concurrent clients to use MSN transport. The MSN transport keep re-login from time to time. Sometimes, only one or two msn instances re-login and sometimes all together msn instances re-login, which make my complained to me. Now I try to figure out how to fix this problem. I have read many similar post about this issue. Any idea how to fix it?

If I want to make the transport closed unexpectedly and re-connect manually, how can I do this? I tried to remark #314. But got no joy.

IM gateway version. 1.1.0

In the end, which version of JDK I should use to compile the gateway project? I have got incompatible class error while looking into the jsp page.



What are you seeing when you say you keep seeing MSN re-login? Like what behavior is making you know this is happening?

JDK 1.5 or 6 shoudl work just fine. (I compile with 1.5 and generally run with 6)