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MSN - Strict login permissions option

I’m a little confused as to what this tick box does on the MSN Settings page.

Strict login permissions (must be allowed to register to log in)

I have users that are allowed to register, so what does ticking that box actually do?

Can someone please explain?


Howdy! I’d like to add some more descriptions/context help here and there at some point. That said, ok so. Normally, those permissions only affect whether people can register or not. If you are already registered, you can log in just fine regardless of what those permissions are. That checkbox makes it so that the permissions also affect your ability to log in. In other words, just because you are registered doesn’t automatically mean you can log in. Generally the only real use of this would be if you wanted to temporarily restrict who can access one or more of the transports. So if you only wanted to let yourself in, you could set it so that only you have permissions to that transport, check this box, and then only you can log in at that point.

Thanks! That’s made it much clearer.