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MSN transport and avatar pictures

I looked everywhere but couldn’t find out if avatar pictures are supported with the MSN transport. Is this the case?

“Not yet” =) I have buddy icons slated for version 1.2.0 though! (which is due out alongside Openfire 3.4.0) Unnnfortunately, due to internal API changes, I can’t have 1.2.0 work with both 3.4.0 -and- 3.3.*, so it’s going to require an Openfire upgrade. =/ My first priority is AIM/ICQ, followed by MSN, followed by Yahoo. Yahoo requires support in openymsg and so it will come after they’ve had time to add it. (no pressure guys! hehehe) MSN support is actually being actively worked on by another helpful person. =) AIM/ICQ I am actively working on this week.

I almost forgot: GATE-10

if you are looking for avatar pictures, I suggest to have a look at this website:


Unless I’m missing something this doesn’t seem to be working with the 1.2 release - I still don’t have MSN avatar images appearing.

Do I need to enable something server-side for this to work?

They’re working for me. ;D What client are you using? I’m only supporting vcard based avatars right now. Pandion and a couple of others only support the retired avatar protocol.

This is in iChat - maybe iChat’s Jabber support is just totally crappy? I wouldn’t be surprised…