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Msn transport issue


I just installed the jabber server and i was trying to make it work correctly with the MSN transport. I was searching on the forum and i just found the case that a lot of people (including me) are getting something like:

2007.08.01 23:15:36 session 2 received message CVR 2 8.1.0178 8.1.0178 8.0.0787 http://msgr.dlservice.microsoft.com/download/1/A/4/1A4FEB1A-18E0-423A-B898-F6974 02E4F7F/Install_Messenger.exe http://get.live.com

I just see that the transport module is trying to identify itself as 8.1.0178 (the actual version required to log “correctly” on msn ).

I didn’'t find the solution… I just tried to sniff the ports involved (TCP: 443, 1863).

I just found that MSN Messenger Live is using SSLv3 and the MSN transport is using TLS.

Inmediatly when start connecting thru MSN Messenger Live it just sent two request to different servers in my case (, and the MSN transport just sent one request ( But I’'m not pretty sure that this type of things may help somebody to solve the problem.

If somebody thinks that may help this things… told me and i will send you both “servers conversations”…



what version are you using

1.1.0 Beta 6


Also in 1.0.2 - had that and tried to upgrade to 1.1.0beta6 in order to fix a similar sounding problem.

Plugin claims that I am registered and logged in but Spark doesn’'t show my external contacts.

I still don’‘t have any idea what’‘s causing this. The line you are seeing, while I’‘m sure it looks interesting, isn’‘t all that interesting unfortunately. It’‘s actually indicating that all is well version wise. No matter what I try I can’‘t duplicate this, and on top of that it’‘s clearly working for a lot of folk, so it’‘s hard to say what’‘s “different” about y’‘all’‘s setup that is triggering this. I believe we’‘ve run through possibilities like java versions, os versions, etc, already in other threads. I don’'t know what to try at this point.

Thanks for your help.

If you wish and want, i can give you “remote desktop” access to my server in order to make the test that you need. Tell me if you think it can help you in de development.


Windows box? I mean I could try but I’‘m not a big Windows person so you might have to help me out with some suggestions of tools to use to watch network traffic and such. (Is there something comparible to tcpdump for Windows?. … I’‘d be surprised if there is not, but I also wouldn’'t want to install things on your machine. =) )

Ping me privately (daniel@jabber.vorpalcloud.org) and we’'ll chat about it.

My 2 cents if you want to proceed:

You can use Ethereal with Winpcap, this is a tcpdump type of tool with full UI. Works well.

Oh wow, I used Ether… well I guess it’‘s Wireshark nowadays, isn’‘t it? (sigh) Didn’'t realize it worked under Windows!