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Greetings spark users:

I am running a Wildfire Server 3.1 using Spark v2.0.5 clients in a test environment. Both are on Windows 2003 / XP SP2 platforms. Now, with the latest release of Spark, many of the issues we’‘ve been having were cleared up. However, I still continue to receive occasional I.M. Toast popup’'s from the MSN transport, with the following messages:

: Unknown message from MSN: unknown message: NOT 491

: Unknown message from MSN: unknown message: NOT 472

MSN Transport: Unknown message from MSN: unknown message: NOT 465

I have just begun to troubleshoot this problem, so I am unsure if I should be looking for something in my Wildfire server configuration or in the client itself.

Some digging around in the forums here for the first parts of those errors did not turn up anything, so any advice is welcome.



I’'ve added some more logic in the alert code and will no longer be showing those error type. This was filed as SPARK-446.




Great news! I’'m upgrading the clients here in the lab now, and we will continue to monitor.

BTW: You guys have done a wonderful job with Spark and Wildfire Server. Take it from someone with many years of expierence with Microsoft Live Communications Server and Messenger deployments - you’'ve got em both beat!

Thanks and keep up the good work.


(Andrew James Oldaker)

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Answered with new release of 2.0.7


Thanks for the compliment! Would you be willing to turn that into a short testimonial? We’'re actively looking for more testimonials for ignitrealtime –




After two full weeks of deployment, testing and rave reviews from my users - I would be proud to give you guys a customer testimonial. Let me know where you want it sent to or email me at the address you guys have on profile.

Thanks again - Live Communications has nothing on you guys.



Nice! Can you drop me an email (you can find the address by clicking on my profile)?