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MSN Transport Randomly Disconnecting

I’'m, using Wildfire 3.2.4 and Transport Gateway 1.0.

Today is the first day of being in the office using the IM Gateway, it all seems ookay. The MSN transport is randomly disconnecting me (happened twice today), but when this disconnection happens, it’'s still maintaining all the users as being logged on.

Not sure how to reproduce, not sure whats causing it, I’‘ll keep my eye on it and if it happens again, I’'ll grab some logs or try and work out why, just wanted to let people know.

GATE-211 (that isn’'t just happening with MSN)

That said, the disconnecting appears to be a bit of a “thing” with MSN. (sigh) Most clients look like they auto-reconnect so you might also be interested in GATE-23

Thanks jadestorm, yeah disconnections on MSN happen a bit using non-msn clients it seems, my trillian does it occasionally also, but it tries to reconnect right away.

Just as a side note, once this has happened, i can’'t reconnect, i have to quit spark and then log back into msn.

We are using the plugin to run some tests right now with our bot. How far off would you say the auto reconnect feature is? Having to reconnect MSN every 20 min or so is getting old, can help but think this would be a welcome feature across the board. BTW - Just wanted to say the plugin is amazing, love your work.

I don’‘t really give timeframes on any of the outstanding issues. Since this isn’'t my job, I have to balance it with my real job and my free time. =) The more votes it gets though, the more I realize how many folk are asking for the functionality.

Just thought I would add my two cents. We just started using the MSN plug in today with the rest of our users after some testing. With two clients the plug in works fine, then we start adding several more and the plug in will work for approx 20 min, then drop people. We had two people drop at the same time like they where the same person. They are unable to connect without killing spark and starting over. I have the newest version of both spark and openfire. Like the above comment, we really love the product and are super impressed with the functionality.

One thing I noticed was we did not get disconnected with GAIM connecting to the openfire program and going through the IM gateway.

We are still in testing and can help however we can, but right now we are basically having to use different client software, but would rather use Spark.

I am “almost positive” this is due to MSN’‘s servers. I’‘ve watched the traffic flow between a real MSN client and MSN’‘s servers and there’‘s an irritating number of disconnects that seem to occur. The MSN client reconnects automatically (which is something I am currently working on implementing with the plugin). Gaim also automatically reconnects and only appears to display a complaint if it’‘s failed a couple of times. (then again I’‘ve had a ton of full on disconnects from MSN via Gaim and Adium X when connected directly, so I guess the disconnects breached some max threshold) Either way, lets reevaluate this potential for many users connected causing disconnects after we’'ve worked out the auto-reconnect and proper handling of auto-logouts in general.

I have the same issue, msn will be connected for a while - then disconnect at least once per day. I am currently the only person using this openfire server (for the first week). I have 2 clients connected (Spark and Mundu).

Problem is most of my contacts are MSN. And I need to be connected all day for work. I can’'t spend my time monitoring for a disconnect… and only having msn up intermittently almost make the gateway pointless for my use.

Hopefully the msn reconnect becomes a priority fix.



It was voted to the top of my priority list actually. =D I -think- I have it all worked out but I’'m having trouble coming up with a way to force my MSN connection to sever so I can see it actually working.


if your interested I can test any patch for the MSN issue. We rely on it here quite heavily (not by choice I might add).

We run an call center that confirms trips with another company that uses MSN throughout their whole corporation to communicate with each other.

I noticed yesterday when I connected (and there where about 7 people using the gateway) I could add one msn contact no problem, but then the second brought the whole msn gateway down. All users where disconnected. I bounced the server for “SAG’'s” with no change. Up until that point we where up and down with the MSN connection, but I guess I was “the straw that broke the camels back”. So, I would definitely be willing to try any patch here if you need a tester.

My next attempt is to get the remote MSN users switched over to our jabber server. The way it should be.

1.0.2 (released yesterday) includes all of the fixes I put in place for this issue =) It seems to be doing the trick in all of my testing so far.

yeap, everything seems good so far on the msn transport front :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’'ve not had any reported disconnects since applying the beta (and now 1.0.2).

Are the disconnects logged anywhere on the Openfire server so we can check that it’‘s reconnecting and hiding the fact? It’‘s not terribly important as either MSN has suddenly become reliable or it’'s working well!!

=D I’'m glad to hear this! If you look in your debug.log (assuming you have it enabled) you should be able to grep for the word “reconnecting”