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MSN Transport re-connects when changing Status

Hi there!

Since I’‘m using IM Gateway 1.0.2, the MSN Transport sends me the following error message everytime I log in and when I’'m changing my availability status:

Undefined condition.

The error condition is not one of those defined by the other conditions in this list.

Du wurdest von MSN ausgeloggt, weil Du mit einem anderen Client online gegangen bist.

Any ideas on this issue?

Best regards


According to that message, you are logged in from another location. Changing your status triggers a reattempt to log you in which causes the same message. Unfortunately the MSN protocol doesn’'t provide anything useful like where you are logged in from.

I’'ve had this too. However, I never use an MSN client anymore.

Since I’'ve upgraded to the latest plug-in, it would appear that you can generate that error if you login frequently in a short period of time.

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Message was edited by: DeeJay

I got the same problem with 1.0.2, but after disabling the automatic re-connect it works fine.

Do any of y’'all have debugging logs that you could share with me when this is going on?

I was going to enable them, but found something strange. I know I disabled them and they looked disabled last time I checked, however now I see the default options for re-connecting. Disabling re-connecting or changing the amount of attempts doesn’‘t work. I also can’'t find anything in the system properties, but I believe there were some properties after first installing 1.0.2

So I guess someone else has to help you with the debug logs.

We’‘re chatting about this via private messages, but is anyone else having problems setting the auto-reconnect settings? I can’'t duplicate it not working. =/

I’'ve just noticed that the issue occurs on my server after I logged in using the browser-based client on meebo.com.