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MSN transport - transport allready exists

Hi have pyMSNt transport installed to jive messenger as external compnent…

as i had run it the first and second time it rans perfect, but than i had a problem that a current- fuse whent out … after that i receive …>

there is allready a transport instance running with this Configuration existing

now when i start my jive messenger it doesent find the external component

well i looked the configuration in the admin console and its marked as active and has the right port

but it issent there (conected components= 0)

when i connect i receive an error message that msn couldent be conected… can someon help me please.


Look in your pyMSnt directory. There should be an ID file for the component which was probably left from the fuse. Just delete the ID file and the transport should start ok.

thank u very much thats it:D

(for those that are dumb like me (ID=.pid file must be deleted in that case))