MUC Ajax client

I’‘m interested in writing a MUC only client using Ajax. Is there any sample code to help me figure out how Smack supports MUC? Something like the chat found in your support section ( - can this be used? what’'s the license on it?


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the group_chat.jsp is really evil, it uses stateless connections so it creates a lot of traffic. Anyway it is sold as far as I know together with Jive Forum. Did you take a look at MUCkl? Since today you can even access the subversion repository.



FYI… JWChat/Muckl uses the same protocol as the groupchat. The connections only stay open for 10 seconds due to a limitation in proxying the connections through Apache. If you are connecting directly to the http-binding service, the hold can be as high as you like it. So, therefore, by your logic, MUCkl is evil as well.

The group chat client availabile at will eventually be available as open source once it is completed.



Hi Alex,

Apache’'s mod_proxy module is really not what I would use to proxy persistent HTTP connections as this module just fails to handle them right. But there are of course other famous proxy server like Squid available which support this as far as I know much better.


Thank you for the recommendation LG, I will look into this.


I was wondering if you have made the source code available yet?



Your Idea is just developed you can look this link

so how does one install it to work with openfire?