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MUC and joined() events

Ok, this maybe a problem in the wildfire server so this is not the appropriate forum but I’'d like to know if anyone is getting the same behaviour.

I’‘ve written a multichat client and registered a ParticipantStatusListener to track the other participants status and update my view: after joining to a multichat the server notifies me a joined() event for every participant already logged on: 90% of times (rough extimate) it notifies me all id bu mine (I’'m not notified a joined() for myself!). But sometimes it notifies me the joined() even for myself!

I can catch this case and simply discard the joined() for the local user id but … what is the behaviour I must expect from the server? Will it notify me about all participants but me or about all participants, including me?



Hi Mario,

in my experience the server sends a

packet for every user. How should you know that you did login successfully and whether you are a visitor or a moderator?

You can use “XMPPConnection.DEBUG_ENABLED=true;” to enable debugging of the received messages, maybe ParticipantStatusListener causes the problem.