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[MUC] Automatic join and mandatory permanency

Hi guys,

I’ve installed openfire 4.0.3-1 and it is configured to authenticate users using our OpenLDAP.

I would like to automatically create groups (MUC) based on OU’s (OrganizationUnit), adding to this group all users (UID’s) that are hierarchically bellow this OU. Additionally,I would like to make it impossible to a user to leave this group. As an example, we can consider the following tree:












So, I would like to have the following groups (MUCs):

ou4 = {userA, userB}

ou3 = {userF}

ou2 = {userA, userB, userC, userF}

ou1= {userA, userB, userC, userD, userF}

mycompany = {userA, userB, userC, userD, userE, userF}

Anyone knows if it is possible?



Hi Bruno, you can manage your groups like you do at active directory, take a look my configuration:


So, imagine you have a group name GA, and some users inside this group, if you create a new user and attach to group GA, this users will be automatic available to everyone who can see that group.

Hi Vinícius, thank you for the quick reply.

Unfortunately as far as I understood, this solution does not solve my problem, because the main purpose of the configuration I’m looking for is to be able to send messages in broadcast, using a multi user chat (MUC).

Please, let me know if I didn’t get it correctly.



Hi, Yeah, i didn’t understand what you want.

This part: using a multi user chat (MUC).

Are you doing a conference?

Do You want to send a broadcast for this chat?

I’m not getting, sorry.

Don’t worry, Vinícius. :slight_smile:

I want to automatically create Multi User Chats (MUC) consisting of people that are located in the same OU (OrganizationUnit). Additionally, I would like to make it impossible to a user to unjoin this MUC.