MUC, chat room, users are named JID instead of displayName


I’ve searched around for an answer to this but couldn’t find a matching question, although many topics were close. So if this has been asked before, apologies.

I’ve set up Openfire 3.7.1 and users are synchronized and authenticated via AD/LDAP. Groups are managed from within Openfire and the groups and users are pushed out to users rosters. I use Pidgin as the IM client.

In the contact list all is fine and dandy, users appear by their first and last names. However, I’ve set up a MUC on the server, and when users join this room they get their JID as nicknames. I’d like this to be consistent so that they get their displayName (first name + last name) instead. How can I achieve this? I’ve played around with the ldap.vcard-mapping field to no avail with these fields mostly:





Off-topic, does anyone know if users nicknames in MUCs are cached, for instance in Pidgin?