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Muc error and frequent unstability

Im using wildfire 2.5.1 and muc stops frequently so I want to seperate it from wildfire. Please tell me how to do that.

Secondly, I like to make a muc connection and a chatting log encryped so tell me how to.

In short, I like to use wildfire messenger but want to use a different muc, like ejabberd or other ones.

Anybody, help me please.


1st: forget it. Can you post errors or a way how one may reproduce it? I’‘m not aware of a heavy MUC problem which would have been solved with 2.6.2 so I can’'t recommend an upgrade.

2ndly: patch the open source code or write a plugin for it, it already supports logging.


IANAWE (i am not a wildfire engineer)

That said, if you cannot get the MUC service to perform as expected (which is strange for 1.5.x) why don’‘t you run something as a componant (like the MSN gateways). you can turn off MUC internally, and use one of the many different MUC’‘s out there. I won’'t presume to know your setup, but following the directions for whichever one you choose should create an external componant.


Then where and how can I turn off the muc internally? Should I modify in an internal code or just change settings? Please explain to me in detail, im a novice.

Thank you:)


you may want to vote for JM-676 “Wildfire needs a way to enable/disable muc service.” and wait two to four weeks, then this issue should be resolved.


But IT, can’'t you just take the name out andsave… that would not show a published muc environment… or is there more to it than that?

NEVERMIND that doesn’'t work! it throws a null value error an then it still shows up. Sorry. I will tell you though that you still should be able to co-locate another muc however


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But how to co-locate another muc. I just do not know how to… help me~!

Can you guys help me one by one? And I will follow your instructions.

I have a question though, what exactly are you seeing from the internal MUC? You didn;t mention an Error message, and to be honest I have not seen the instability that you are talking about. Can you give us a line from your error logs so we can take a look at it. Barring that, here’’;s some information on what to get to install an external MUC.

Well that would depend on the MUC you are using. Lets say mu-conference, download the package, the jcr-runtime, install the dependancies, then install the packages.

You could follow these steps. http://mu-conference.jabberstudio.org/

it is for running with Jabberd2, but with the exception of adding it to external componants in Wildfire, everything still should be the same. After you install it and get it to talk with Wildfire, it should show up as one of the external componants. It is a rather lengthy install, but following the instructions should get you where you want to be.


Hey guys,

I remember that some bugs that were fixed after 2.5.1 where potentially affecting MUC. I would highly recommend upgrading to the latest release and try again. AFAIK, mu-conference is not being maintained and its implementation is rather old (i.e. not updated to follow JEP changes). Therefore, I would recommend keeping with our MUC implementation and post any errors you see in the log files.


– Gato