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Muc errors again

Forgot to ask somethings more.

want to know about the number of contemporary user access. How may people can access contemporarily to muc.

And I found that when logging in as an administrator, and try to create a room in group chat menu, it does not allow a domain name put after the name of the room in the field. for example, I try like this 3 kinds 3 times: name : meeting or meeting.domain.com or just default name.

All in case was fault. So, is it possible if I give another domain to muc, and setup mu-conference provided by jabberd2 and make them linked?

And last, when I turn off or close a browser without logging out, I see im still logging in on another machine.

Help me~~~~~!!


I assume that you did hit the (default) 30 users limit (Maximum Room Occupants) which one can define while creating a MUC. But there should be no limit and one can set it to unlimited.

I can create a room with a room name “foobar.domain.tld” without problems, are you referring to the room-id or when do you get this error?

So you have only MUC problems and p2p chat works like a charm?

As you don’'t log out the server assumes that you are still online, there are no persistent connections and the timeout is as far as I know 30 minutes.