MUC history missing after rejoin

I’ve noticed that if you have a MUC already joined and call join (which calls leave if you’re already joined) then attempt to get the history, it returns nothing. From what I can tell the problem lies in the packetCollector. I can see the messages in the logs but calling nextMessage or pollMessage returns nothing. I made a small change, adding init() after the leave call and that seems to fix it. Has anyone else come across this problem or have a different solution? Thanks!

I had simular problems using smack 3.4 and Smack 4.0.

After a leave of a room a thorough cleanup of the listeners was performed, but these listeners were not reactivated when rejoining the room. I fixed/patched my problem by disabling the cleanup.

In the latest version (4.1 - alpha 4) this is probably fixed by rework which is performed on these listeners.

You could also just create a new MultiUserChat instance. This would not require changes to the library.

I also do believe that I’ve fixed this behavior in 4.1, but I’m always eager to get some additional feedback.