Muc & invitationlistener

Hi, i’'m currently developing an ajax im client and serverside working with smack api. Currently building the group chat feature but struggling to understand how to differentiate the resource of a user who is a participant in the group. For instance, have set up an invitation listener so when group chat invitation is sent this gets received from smack server. The method interface is public void invitationReceived(XMPPConnection conn, String room, String inviter, String reason, String password, Message message) but the inviter parameter does not include the resource appended to the end fo teh inviter e.g /exodus. Is there another way to obtain this information, perhaps by calling for list of occupants on the muc associated with the room etc? Any help really appreciated… have i missed something here? The ajax app really needs to know the resourece of teh person too since it lists the same user several times with each different resource type (spark, exodus, opn etc) differentiating who to actually update.

Hey arcs,

Smack is exposing the content that is being received from the server. Unfortunately, the XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat specifies that the bare JID should be used in the FROM attribute of the invite element and not the full JID.

“…The room@service itself MUST then add a ‘‘from’’ address to the element whose value is the bare JID (or, optionally, the room JID) of the invitor and send the invitation to the invitee…”


– Gato