MUC-Light Support in Openfire

Is there any way we can add MUC-light support to openfire

Hi! There’s a couple of ways to do this. Openfire is an open source project, which is a very useful for these kind of things. You could contribute the changes yourself, for example. Another option is to ask someone else to build it for you. If you want to go down that road, I suggest that you have a look at our directory of professional service providers. I’m sure that you will be able to find help there!

Is Openfire planning to add MUC-Light support in future release since normal MUC is lacking many useful features that clients ask for in modern chat applications

Isn’t MUC-light primarily a subset of regular MUC (which is supported by Openfire)?

There are no immediate plans to add this feature to Openfire, but that’s not due to an unwillingness to have this in Openfire. There simply hasn’t been much demand for this, or people willing to spend time or effort to get this implemented.

I asked google for MUC Light but only found this doc here: XEP-xxxx: Multi-User Chat Light

It was written in 2015. As you can read at the very beginning of this document it was not accepted.
Furthermore the MUC light should solve problems which have to do with mobile connections.
I think theese problems are now solved by using stream management. So using XEP-0045 should be enough.

We are using openfire since 3 years for our iOS application there is no problem with that even offline support is great to send push notifications but there are lot of limitations when it comes to create persistent groups with whatsapp like features, with MUC with every new session I have to join groups again every time. So far openfire is been great for us and only for this I don’t want to switch to other xmpp server so can you help me how can I achieve persistent groups whose members don’t exit once session is ended

You can use a combination of room membership (which is persistent) for this (your client could show room members, rather than room occupants), combined with message archiving functionality as provided by the Monitoring plugin.

I’m not sure if muc-light would provide this functionality at all.

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Your client should store a value for autojoin muc rooms in the bookmarks… and rejoin the muc on reconnect
Thats the default behavior in conversations, jsxc and gajim …

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