Muc name/desciption in gaim wrong

In gaim if you search for the list of muc rooms it should return the following information: Name of the room and a Description of the room. What I’'m seeing though, is the Room ID in place of the Name and the Room Name in place of the Description.

This very well might be a Gaim issue, but I wanted to post it in here for some feedback.


Have compared with few other clients. Yes, it seems that Gaim is showing it in its own way Though all this stuff with ID, Name of room is a little confusing.

Room ID in Wildfire is a before @ part of room’‘s JID. So if Room ID is say “chatroom” so the JID would be chatroom@chatservice.server . And the Name would be Room Name in Wildfire Admin Console. Now it’'s more clear when @chatservice.server line was added near Room ID input field. Because when i just started using Wildfire/XMPP i thought this is some ID just for server admin purposes.

Some interesting thing. Spark in Room Info window is refering to a chatroom@chatservice.server as a Room Name Though it should be called Room ID or JID.

Dont know what are the requirements of XMPP about this stuff. But i think this should be tested with some other jabber server and then reported to Gaim developers.

I used to use ejabberd and it worked perfectly. The room name was the room name and the Description was the Description with the number of people in the room next to it.

Room Name | Description (##)

So that makes me wonder if wildfired is passing the right info out?

Hey guys,

I think this is a Gaim problem that should be reported to Gaim developers. I just tried it locally and these are my findings.

  1. I created a room whose JID is """, name is “test-name” and description is “test-desc”.

  2. I then logged in usng Gaim 1.5.0 and requested the list of rooms and got this packet from the server

  3. As reported in this thread Gaim is showing the name of the room as the description. Note also that the way to retrieve the room description is by using service discovery and using metadata through dataforms. You can see the example 7 of the url= specification[/url].


– Gato

What packet?

And could you point Derek that Spark Room Info is naming room’'s JID as Room Name. Not a critical issue though


How were you able to view the packet that the server sent to gaim?

Were you using spark to see that packet?