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MUC No Response From Server

Hello, this issue is a bit strange.

I’'m obtaining a list of services from the jabber.org server, from here I try and pull back the HostedRooms that these services provide.

I can get both services:




If I then try and call MultiUserChat.getHostedRoom(connection, serviceName) it will only work for private.jabber.org.

Using conference.jabber.org results in an XMPPException of

No Response from Server.

Interestingly enough, using the latest version of spark results in the same problem. Okay, so conference.jabber.org is down, try again later, however I gave it a go using a client called Pandion. Using this client I was able to obtain and join all of the rooms hosted on conference.jabber.org

So is the service down?? or is their a problem with smack connecting to it??

Any ideas would be lovely


Try increasing your packet timeout:



Sometimes the server doesn’'t respond quick enough for Smack A way you can check to see if this is occuring is by looking at the packets in the smack debugger and seeing if you are getting a response from the server. A response will have the same packet ID as the request.


Thanks Alex, worked a treat.