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MUC not-acceptable message

I have managed to cause a user to join a MUC succesfully through a plugin by sending a presence packet to the room.

This user is however unable to send messages to the room. Any message sent with this user (through the plugin) is rejcted with

<message from="test1@" type="groupchat" to="testroom@conference."> <body>testing</body>
</message> <message from="testroom@conference." type="error" to="test1@"> <body>testing</body> <error code="406" type="modify"> <not-acceptable xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas"/> </error>

From the openfire source it is not quite clear why this message is being rejected. Amessage sent from a logged in client to the room shows the correct behaviour. Any idea what I am missing?

public String chat(String username, String to, String body, String type) {
          Message message = new Message();
          message.setFrom(new JID(username,server,"Server");
          if ("groupchat".equals(type)){
               message.setTo(to + "@conference." + server);
          } else {
               message.setTo(to + "@" + server);
          Log.debug("CHAT: from:"+message.getFrom().toString());
          Log.debug("CHAT: to  :"+message.getTo().toString());
          Log.debug("CHAT: type:"+message.getType().toString());
          return "1";

It turns out that the absence of a resource that the user logged in with was the thing that caused the issue.

I got same this error. What is your solution for this issue?