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MUC not working

Hello all,

I migrated our compay Openfire to a different server. All I did was move the database to the new server. Both are the latest version 3.6.4. The old hostname was ‘noatak’ and the new hostname is ‘sola’.

I can’t connect to any rooms on the new server MUC service, chat.sola. My DNS resolves fine - any idea what the issue is?

Here’s from info.log:

2010.01.27 13:27:15 Packet sent to unreachable address 2010.01.27 13:26:28 Packet sent to unreachable address

Why does it still say the old hostname there, my chat client has “cotton.tenney@sola”, not noatak, the old hostname? I’ve changed all settings that I can find in OF to the new hostname, sola…

Also, the hostname is blank on the server properties page… where is this setting?

Any help would be much appreciated.

It’s not enough to just rename domain and adjust DNS. Many entries in the database are tied to the domain name, that’s why users are showing up with the old domain name. Try stopping Openfire and repeating setup process (edit /conf/openfire.xml, change true to false and run the server again, repeat setup steps and enter new server name).

Hmm, after running setup, I was no longer able to log into the admin console. I reset the plainPassword and set encrypedPassword=null for admin in the ofUser DB table, but still a no-go. Logs just say “Failed admin console login attempt by admin from”. Any ideas why?

Nevermind me, Mr. lockout…

Thanks a bunch, that got conferences working again just dandy!