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MUC on igniterealtime?

Is it going to be fixed or am I the only one having troubles?


Gee that is an informative message… what problem?

Hi Todd,

Did you read the chatlog for the open_chat yesterday? Daniel noted looking into the problem.

The web based MUC interface doesn’t work for me.

When I attempt to join the room with Pidgin, the chatlog is not current and I can’t see anybody post nor see any messages I post.

Something is borked with ignite’s MUC.


Ah, looks like the going theory is that the text � appears in the chatlog, which causes the web chat to throw an xml parsing exception and causes Pidgin to bomb as well.



are probably related.


Is this issue going to be fixed? It was broken again yesterday as the chat logs would show, if they were uploaded for folks to see


bump Poor slushpupie is hitting this issue hard right now.