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[MUC][Openfire/Converse.js] How to make offline users visible in rooms as offline rather than invisible?

Hello all,
I’m not sure if this issue should be addressed by converse.js or Openfire community.
Analyzing Openfire logs, I think it’s an Openfire issue.
In converse.js, when a user is in a MUC room and online, he is visible in the list of present members.
If he disconnects from converse.js without quitting the room, after a few seconds, his nickname is no longer in the list of present members.
I’d like a behaviour like in Microsoft Teams : any people belonging to a room persists in the present list, whatever his status (online, absent, offline).

Also, I’d like that if John adds Paul to the room but Paul is offline, Paul is immediately added to the room, not waiting for him to be online to be added.to the room. So that Paul nickname is immediately in the list of present members of the room, and hist status appears as offline/unavailable. Assuming it is an auto-accept invitation.

Thanks for your tips !

This is badly supported by the XMPP protocol, sadly. A known work-around to this is to make your users register as a member with the room. Converse can be configured to show all members of a room (in addition to all current occupants) even when they are offline.

If you’re using the inVerse plugin to load Converse, then this setting can be applied by creating/modifying an Openfire system property (in the Openfire admin console) that is named inverse.config.muc-fetch-members, using one of the values from Converse’s documentation.