MUC Problems

I’'m having problem creating a new groupchat room. I keep getting the error:

“Room is being created, try back later” under Exodus. I’'m not getting the form input box for the room settings.

Is MUC available right now?

Here is the XML Trace for the room creation:

SENT: Available0

RECV: Available0



Hey Frank,

The 404 error that you are getting means that some other user created the room before but didn’'t unlock it. To unlock the room the user that created the room (i.e. the owner) needs to configure it or the server will wait 30 minutes before unlocking the room. If the server unlocks the room then the room will have a default configuration.

So my questions are:

  1. Did you use another user to create that room before?

  2. Have you waited more than 30 min and the room is still locked?

  3. Do you have the same problem even if you restart the server?

  4. What version are you using? The public release version or are you bulding the server using the latest code from the CVS?


– Gato

I think I found the problem while tracing.

In the MUCRoomImpl.joinRoom method, there is a call to

boolean isOwner = owners.contains(user.getAddress().toBareString());

However, when owners are added to the collection previously in the workflow, the toLowerCase() function is being used. As a result there is a case sensitivity error. (Windows is returning uppercase for the machine name which is being used in the JID)

When I change the above line to user.getAddress().toBareString().toLowerCase(), everything is fine.

Don’'t know if you guys want to log this as a bug or not.

Thanks for pointing out the problem. I should have used #toBareStringPrep() instead of #toBareString(). In the next nightly build you will find a fix for this problem.


– Gato