MUC when fetching history delay time is in future

Whenever a group memeber tries to fetch history to get the messages when he was offline with <history since='"(last local message timestamp)'/>
I get **<delay xmlns="urn:xmpp:delay" stamp="(future time)">** Remote time is in future which messes with all client side messages. The difference is mostly 2-3 minutes in future UTC

This suggests that the time of your server (or database server) is not properly synchronized. Can you verify that the service run a time sync service, like NTP?

Where can i check this, I don’t remember add any time sync service manually to openfire

This is not specific to Openfire. It’s something that should be running elsewhere in your operating system.

Ours is windows machine it will be a great help if you could suggest from where I can start this service or any helper software i need to install