Multi-user chat flooding prevention


I wanted to find out if there are any production ready versions of anti-flooding plugins (packet filter or raptor) that will prevent users from sending too many messages per second or a very large message at once into a multi-user chat (MUC)? I previously tried Raptor, but don’t think I could get it entirely working for this purpose. Does PF have any support for such a function or can it be done with Raptor? I wanted to revisit this issue to find out if anyone has it working for this purpose. I have a chat system that is planned to go into production for general web users (in other words into the wild), where they could possibly be malicious and flood as a denial of service attack. Also Openfire would be configured in cluster mode, so there is also the question of whether the plugin will function in this mode, how the plugin is to be installed (on one or both nodes). Although I am specifically asking about MUC, it would be useful if the plugin detected and prevented user to user flooding as well as in configurations with Fastpath installed.



We’re currently in beta testing for our muc chatsystem with openfire and we’re using Raptor to prevent floods.

Maybe in the near future we provide some examples of how we configured Raptor to meet our needs.

I think Raptor is great for flood protection, it’s just a little bit difficult to figure out how to specify those XML-Files but the Documentation will guide you through.