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Multi-User Chat status update

Hey all,

As you may know the available version of Messenger at http://www.jivesoftware.org[/url] implements 90% of the MUC specification. Our goal is to have a full implementation by the time the 2.0 release is out.

So far I added the following new functionalities:

  1. Ability to define sysadmins of the MUC service: A sysadmin is allowed to enter any room and behave like an owner of the room.

  2. Ability to register with a room: When you register with a room you become a member of it and if desired you can reserve a room nickname.

  3. Ability to discover reserved room nickname: Before joining a room a user may want to discover if he has a reserved nickname.

  4. Persistent rooms: This feature is currently under development. Persistent rooms will be saved to a database. Currently Messenger supports: Oracle, MySQL, DB2, PostgeSQL, SQLServer 2000, Hsqldb and Mckoi.


– Gato

What about having a “room creator” list? This is a list of JIDs that can create new MUC rooms but don’'t have full admin rights.

I know that it may not be a part of the JEP, but it is a useful feature. In fact the MU-Conference (MUC for jabberd and jabberd2) programmer already has the dedicated “room creator” list on his list of enhancements for the next release.

Hey Nathan,

Interesting feature! Since the user that is allowed to create the room won’‘t be the room’‘s owner, do you know who will be the room’‘s owner? Although sysadmins can join a room with the same privileges as an owner, I think that somebody must be the room’'s owner.

BTW, under what circumstances do you find this feature useful?


– Gato