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Multiple attribute ldap.FieldName


I have an openfire server linked to an AD for users.

I have configured ldap.FieldName = displayName, with that all users can see each others with their full name (not the default login name).

In the AD there is also an attribute called “telephoneNumber”

The goal is that all users could see:

FirstName LastName (phone number)

I tried to set:

ldap.fieldName = displayName telephoneNumber

no success the login account is printed instead of all i also tried:

ldap.fieldName = displayName


same issue

do you think it could be possible to set several attribute for the ldap.fieldName ?

Please let me know

Kind regards

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I was trying to figure out the same thing today, but ultimately I could not find any combination to set it to multiple AD attributes. My short term solution was to use a custom attribute in AD and point the name field to the custom attribute which I set to be (username) x(extension). I hope somebody reads this and can post the solution to add multiple attributes to a field.