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Multiple broadcasts sent by plugin ("since" 4.2.3)

The broadcast plugin seems to send out multiple broadcasts since we upgraded to 4.2.3 (from beta 4.0.0). As I’m guessing it’s something on our end (as no-one else has this on this forum), I’m looking in ways how to debug this.

Situation: We have 2 JIDs that can broadcast. One is always on and broadcasts from time to time. The other one connects to broadcast and then disconnects. Both seem to duplicate (or sometimes even sends out the same message 7x times over a period of 30 minutes.) In the past we had this occur from time to time and a service restart seemed to fix it. (Think: once every 3-4 months, now we have it daily.) The server serves about 1500 users, concurrently at most 150.

I have no idea what triggers it. Most broadcasts are ok, and then it just “goes crazy”.

Is there a way I can log all messages sent to the broadcast plugin? To see if it’s the source that is duplicating. Or perhaps if it’s some premature disconnect? Some log I should watch? Some setting i could look into?