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Multiple clients, but (randomly) single client output

I have 3 clients connected.




all three are connected. sending a message from zim@domain to bob@domain only one of the two bob@domain’s will see the output. and its random, some of the messages will go to the main resource, some will go to the secondary resource, never both at the same time as i was expecting.

sending from “zim@domain” to “bob@domain”

sometimes message is sent to “bob@domain/main” and sometimes “bob@domain/secondary”

never both at same time.

does anyone have any thoughts baout this?

It is not random. There is some logic how server decides which resource should get the message (last active client, maybe last client to send anything or to update its presence, dont know exactly what the logic is, but it is there). Currently you can’t send messages to all resources of the same JID. There is a system property to allow that, but it isn’t working. OF-29